André Postert:
Freiwilligkeit und Verpflichtung – Widersprüche der nationalsozialistischen Jugendorganisationen in ihrer Entwicklung

(TD 2015, 2, S. 185–205)      Volltext

Still our knowledge of NS youth policy shows gaps. Research has comprehensively worked out the offi cial, bureaucratic level of the “Reichsjugendführung”, however there lack empirical studies which could, so to speak, serve for testing the regional-historical practice. For the time being, the local realities of the NS monopoly organisation of the “Hitlerjugend” have not been systematically researched. The plans and concepts of the “Oberste Reichsbehörde” in Berlin were not always in accordance with the actual local situation of the youth organization. Its claim, i. e. winning over every boy and every girl for the National Socialist “Volksgemeinschaft (ethnic community)”, was a goal which in its totalitarian dimension was not completely achieved until the end.