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National and International Broadcasting in Turbulent Times:
Mediating between States and Publics

17.12.2018 - 18.12.2018
Central European University, Budapest

In this workshop participants will present a series of contemporary and historical case studies which tackle challenges to the freedom of media, through the lens of broadcasting. The full list of speakers is below. If you would like to attend, please rsvp to wireless-world-project@bristol.ac.uk

Session I: Challenges to Broadcasting Across Europe Chair: István Hegedüs (Chairman, Hungarian Europe Society)
Nelson Ribeiro (Catholic University of Portugal, Lisbon) From Freedom to Control: The Establishment of Censorship in Portuguese Radio
Friederike Kind-Kovács (Hannah-Arendt-Institute for Totalitarianism Studies, Dresden) Mission Accomplished? RFE/RL after 1989
Peter Bajomi-Lazar (Budapest Business School) Public Service Broadcasting in Central and Eastern Europe: A Mission Impossible Gergely Gosztonyi (Eötvös Loránd University (ELTE), Faculty of Law, Budapest) Was the law able to save the Hungarian media field from political influence after the change of the regime?
Jessie Labov (Central European University) Broadcast legacies: how do we hear Cold War radio today?
Session 2: Challenges to Broadcasting Beyond Europe
Chair: Friederike Kind-Kovács (Hannah-Arendt-Institute for Totalitarianism Studies, Dresden)
Rebecca Scales (Rochester Institute of Technology) Navigating the Colonial Public Sphere: Music and Radio Censorship in French Colonial Algeria
Vincent Kuitenbrouwer (University of Amsterdam) Managing the colonial airwaves: radio in the Dutch East Indies
Andrea Stanton (University of Denver) Navigating between censorship regimes: using radio news broadcasts as reporting sources for Mandate Palestine
Simon Potter (University of Bristol) British, Australian and American International Broadcasting during the Second World War
David Clayton (University of York) Hong Kong, the early Cold War and the ‘freedom’ to ‘broadcast’

This workshop is one in a series of events initiated by the Leverhulme funded International Network - Connecting the Wireless World: Writing Global Radio History.

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