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Michail Logvinov:
Ist der Salafismus tatsächlich ein „ideologisches Fundament des Islamischen Staates“?

(TD 2017, 2, Seite 291–308)

Es folgt die Zusammenfassung in englischer Sprache following the article short description

In Europe in the past few years an orthopraxy of the Salafist kind has become a disputed phenomenon which is most of all considered a security issue. Many experts from the sciences and the security services assume a – still hardly proven – nexus between Salafism and Islamist terrorism, which is why the members of this milieu, who themselves believe to walk on the trail of their “pious ancestors”, are considered a danger and their worldviews are considered an “intellectual breeding ground for terrorism”. In contrast to this, the author supports the following thesis: Indeed the phenomena of Salafism and jihadism or jihadist terrorism are connected by a common “historical matrix” – the paradigm of an original Islamic community as a reference – as well as by a similar way of understanding normative Islam. However, the instrumental rationality and logics of the legitimising frame-script selections of the two strands are different.