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Maximilian Kreter:
Rechtsrock in Sachsen – Sprachrohr fremdenfeindlicher Militanz?

(TD 2018, 1, Seite 99–125)

Es folgt die Zusammenfassung in englischer Sprache following the article short description

White-Power music was serving as the “soundtrack” of xenophobic riots in post-reunification Germany in the early 1990ies. Then it disappeared into the underground until its most recent comeback. This contribution presents an examination of the development of the scene in Germany and especially in Saxony from the beginnings to the present day. On the basis of this historical reconstruction, an analysis of the lyrics of the two Saxony based bands “Blitzkrieg” and “Heiliger Krieg” reveals which ideological, linguistic and strategic developments have occurred in the scene and how this is reflected by the songs of these bands.